About MaxPowerSoft (About Us)

MaxPowerSoft is a diversified technology company that assembled in mid 2007. Our offices are in Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

Chris Danielson
Co-Founder, Software Engineer, MCSE, MCP+I

Mr. Danielson has over 9 years of development and enterprise architecture experience. He has worked on projects ranging from military based systems all the way over to rocket monitoring systems for SpaceX. He has developed enterprise applications using C/C++, .Net, ASP, PHP (L.A.M.P.), JAVA, Visual Basic, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle database. As co-founder of Max Power Soft he focuses on software design and customer relations.

Igor Maksymenko
Co-founder, Software Engineer

Mr. Maksymenko began his software career over 13 years ago in Eastern Europe. Throughout his career he has managed to stay well-versed in all the current languages and design models used in the software industry. He has developed a multitude of applications using C/C++, .Net, ASPX, Visual Basic, SQL Server and Oracle databases.

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