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We’ve added a ton of enhancements to this version of Active Directory Reports.  One of our more exciting changes this month has been the addition of a Group By option in the configurable reports.  This option is now included and it allows you to group reports by any selected column.

Download AD Reports Here

Report Changes

  • New Dynamic Filter! With / Without Selected Attributes applicable to Users, Groups, OUs, and Computers.
  • Users With Dial-In Access
  • Users Without Dial-In Access
  • Users With Logon Script
  • Users Without Logon Script
  • Users With User’s Profile
  • Users Without User’s Profile
  • Users With Hidden Mailboxes
  • Users With Home Directory (Share)
  • Users With Network Share
  • Users With Local Share
  • Users Without Home Directory (Share)
  • Users Pwd Required
  • Users Pwd Not Required
  • Users with primary Group ‘Domain Users’
  • Users with any primary group other than ‘Domain Users’
  • Domain Guests
  • Computers with Primary group ‘Domain Computers’
  • Computers with Primary group ‘Domain Controllers’
  • Computers without Primary group ‘Domain Controllers'” or ‘Domain Computers'”
  • Added User’s Home Drive and Home Directory columns / properties

Other Changes

  • Added “Group By” option in Configurable reports that allows to group reports by any selected column
  • Added “Free Trial” menu item if the version is Unregistered
  • Added “Contact Us” menu item
  • Fixed Sorting problem of LDAP Attributes and Membership grids for Users, Groups, OUs, Computers
  • Fixed Tree Node Selection in LDAP Browser
  • Added Profile Path and Logon Script fields to the User Report
  • Fixed displaying report filter in Custom Reports
  • Default limit is 100000 objects
  • Updated Registration and Registration Verification (XML)
  • If we don’t change columns in Show / Hide window, report dos not get refreshed
  • Fixed Selected Object from the grid if sAMAacoountName is not selected
  • when you click on a report with a popup window, that popup window gets displayed
  • Added User principal Name to the General tab in the Name section
  • Added General Info tab for OU
  • Added section separators in detailed information tabs (empty line)
  • Added more data to Security and General tabs
  • Fixed twice click on a Parent node to collapse it

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Beware of the Imitators

I’m sure you have heard the saying “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”  We also believe this, but don’t let the imitators of MaxPowerSoft’s Active Directory Reports fool you.  There is a product out now by some unnamed culprits who have decided to take on two names, one of which happens to be ours.  We are very much flattered that someone would do such a thing and even more so amazed that they would increment the version numbers to look like one of our upgrades.  Our next version isn’t due out until August 1st – this will be version  Don’t let any imitative version 3.x software releases have you fooled.  They have double posted throughout many download web sites.

If you happen to have any questions about authenticity you can always directly download from us here on our products page.