Introducing Speed and Custom Wizard!
  • New Report Wizard with General Filter Settings, Grid Column Settings and Membership Settings.
  • Every report is customizable and report settings are saved PER REPORT.
  • No more filter window. It is a part of the wizard now.
  • Fixed whenChanged attribute issue to return the correct value since this is not a replicated attribute.
  • Improved performane for loading membership.
  • badPasswordTime and badPwdCount is part of Predefined Attributes now. Since they are not replicated attributes every DC is scanned to provide accurate results.
  • Added option to select all(predefined) attributes or DN attribute for loading OU objects – Added IP Address predefined attribute to the computer reports and to the dafault computer column settings
  • DnsHostName and IPAddress attributes are included in Computer detailed information Security tab
  • Automated the check for updates during application start up
  • Fixed displaying detailed information of the selected record after loading report
  • Fixed Cancel loading membership
  • Increased the algorithm to make for a faster return of data to the grid.  (Nearly 3 times faster than it was!)
  • Some minor updates and fixes