New Release

– Fixed total number of records in the report footer
– Fixed “Access Denied” error for NTFS Reports
– Fixed “Some or all identity references could not be translated” error for NTFS Reports
– Excluded symbolic links from NTFS reports
– Enabled Group panel for quick grouping data by columns in a grid
– Enabled Find panel for easy way of searching visible data in a grid
– Some performance improvements and minor bug fixes

New Release

– Updated functionality to avoid windows asking for admin rights to run the app
– Added automatic filtering row. This row is displayed above regular data rows and allows end-users to type in
filtering values (including ‘*’ and ‘%’ wildcards) and select filter operators (NotLike, Equals, Between, etc.).
– Improved filter panel functionality. Added column values and text filters
– Added Export to Microsoft Word Document from Print Preview
– Updated existing and added new application skins
– Added date range to scheduler views for easy navigation
– Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

AD Reports Is Out!

We’ve been toiling long and hard to bring you this next great release of MaxPowerSoft’s AD Reports!  This time we’ve integrated auto-saving functionality unique to each report.  This means you can customize each report to your heart’s content and don’t worry, each report is uniquely saved so that the next time you run the product things are just the way you left them! listed below may not seem like much, but we’ve been focused on keeping our customers happy and maintaining report settings persistently and uniquely for each individual report has been our core focus for this release.

Just wait until next month’s changes!  We’ve got a big vision here and this product is only getting better by the day!  Thank you again for all those that have purchased a license.  Your support is continuing to make this product better.
– Added “Customize Report” functionality instead of “Show / Hide Columns” to add remove columns and report title
per report.
– Some minor fixes

Thank you again for stopping by and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

-Team MaxPowerSoft.

Release A Much Needed Update

If you were one of the unlucky users in the last few days that downloaded our latest update you probably noticed that the Crystal Report Print Viewer was broken.  We’ve amended the fix in our new  Not the way we like to star the week around here, but alas we have patched the issue.

Here are the changes in version

  • Fixed loading “OU” property for Users and Computers
  • Fixed loading Report Viewer problem
  • Added exceptions logging

Come and download Active Directory Reports here!