Active Directory Reports, the fastest configurable real-time active directory solution on the market.

What we do (Technology)

At MaxPowerSoft we take pride in our versatility and being on the forefront of software development. We strive for excellence on all software projects.


Not only do we produce our own product Active Directory Reports, but we also produce great work for you as consultants. We want to help you architect and implement your next big software application.

Software & Technology Proficiencies

Here are a few of the technologies that we employ regularly here to give you the enterprise solutions you need. C/C++, Java, .Net, PHP, AJAX and SOAP.


Big or small databases, every job is important to us. We have developed systems in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases.


With Chris periodically developing changes for the FreeSWITCH project we open our arms to both Linux and Windows

Embedded Systems

We aren't just limited to web applications. At MaxPowerSoft we have custom compiled embedded systems in both the Windows CE and Linux worlds. Many of our systems are still in use today within the satellite communications industry.

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