Active Directory Reports Testimonials

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  • "Part of my duties, now that we're part of a publicly traded company, is to generate SOX reports, a long and tedious process. Since I don't do this every day, the various commands and switches are something easily forgotten, so I have to find where I printed it to, and then generate them again. This last time, they were asking for data I hadn't given the first time around, and nothing was working for me. I spent several hours trying to generate the reports, and some of what they needed was just un-intelligible. I finally found MaxPowersoft's AD Reports. Downloaded the trial, and saw that with a few clicks I could take a lot of work, and condense it down to a few mouse clicks. Saves me a lot of time, and a lot of headaches." - Richard L. Muniz, 1ITcrew. Greeley, Colorado
  • "Thanks for replying on a Sunday night. The registration key worked like a treat; we are back up and running. I like the new interface and hope you had fun designing and building the new version. Thanks for your help and all the good work." - Mark Hansen, Manager, Business Systems & Architecture
  • "The software looks to be very useful and helps with our Active Directory auditing. Thanks!" - Russell Quiring, IT Infrastructure Specialist
  • "First I have to say wow, great piece of software. That is exactly the kind of a reporting tool which we have searched for. Thank you for the help." - Markus Meier, IT-Basissysteme
  • "The program has helped and I would be lost without it... even after a year I am still learning new things about it." - Jack Goldhorn
  • "I must say I have been very impressed with the levels of service and support you provide to (not yet:) paying customers. I will be putting through a "Justify to Purchase" to our company so we can purchase this excellent software." - Michael A
  • "You guys are the best. I'm going to push for us to purchase this as soon as possible." - Michael Kerrick
  • "This is exactly what we need!" - Barbara Morton, The Options Clearing Corporation
  • "Goods news and a good service! Thanks a lot." - Maxime Gascon, System Admin, Uniboard Canada Inc.