LDAP Filter Builder
– Added LDAP Filter Builder to the General Filter Settings tab of the Report Wizard.
– logonCount is a predefined attribute now. Since it is not a replicated attribute
every DC is scanned to provide accurate results.
– lockoutTime, createTimeStamp and modifyTimeStamp are predefined attributes now.
– Added logonCount to the User and Computer detailed information Security tab .
– Added Last Logon Timestamp to the Computer detailed information Security tab.
– Load only selected attributes for Groups, Ou and GPO (like for Users, Computers and Contacts)
to improve performance and use less memory.
– Minor updates and fixes. Expanded Search Root and Scope
– Added Search Root and Search Scope to the General Filter Settings tab of the report wizard
– Report settings are saved per Report / Domain
– New window Selected Report Settings to display settings of the selected report
– New Computer Report “Enabled” computers
– Fixed swiching to forest node
– Fixed displaying detailed information of the selected object if a DN contains reserved characters