New Release!
Added New User Reports:
– Users With Logon Hours set
– Users Without Logon Hours set
– Users With Logon Permitted All Week
– Users With Logon Denied All Week
– Users who can Log on to All computers
– Users who can Log on to Selected computers
– Users who can Log on to <COMPUTERNAME>
– Users with Encrypted Password
– Users with smart card required for interactive logon
– Users that cannot be delegated
– Users Trusted for Kerberos Delegation
– Users with Trusted Authenticate for Delegation
– Users with DES encryption types
– Users who do not require kerberos preauthentication
– Users with home directory required
– Temp duplicate accounts (primary accounts are in another domain)
– Interdomain trust user accounts
– MNS Logon Accounts

Added New Computer Reports
– Servers
– Enabled Servers
– Disabled Servers

Added New GPO Reports:
– OU, Domain or Site Linked GPO

– Logon Hours added to the User Security tab
– Logon Hours added to the predefined attributes collection
– GPO column ‘# of LInked Objects’ displays the number of linked GPO objects
– Some minor updates and fixes.