New Release (February 18, 2013)
1.    Added new Scheduler features:
-    Compress Weekend: Show Saturday and Sunday compressed into a single column;
-    Working Hours: Show only working hours in the calendar
-    Cell Auto Height: Enable a time cell to automatically adjust its size to accommodate scheduled jobs it contains;
-    Time Scales: change the time scale. Available values are: 15 minutes, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year
-    Scale Width: Specify column width in pixels for the base scale;
-    Time Scale Captions;
-    Navigate Forward in time as suggested by the current view
-    Navigate Backward in time as suggested by the current view
-    Go to Today: Changes the date displayed in the current view to the current date;
-    Zoom In: Perform scaling up to display content in more detail;
-    Zoom Out: Perform scaling down to display a broader look of the view;
-    Split: Split the selected scheduled job in two by dragging a splitter line;
-    Save Layout: Saves the scheduler’s layout (the settings of all the Views, the type of the active View, etc.) to the specified XL file;
-    Restore Layout: Restores the scheduler’s layout from the specified XML file;
-    Improved View selector functionality
2.    Fixed issue with renaming custom reports containing dates
3.    Fixed issue with loading reports containing memberOf attribute
4.    Corrected “batch job” spelling error
5.    Fixed issue with resetting custom report names
6.    Fixed issue with exporting DistinguishedName in CSV format if it is not selected
7.    Some minor updates and fixes