We have been promising a release for many many months now.  Finally, we’ve arrived at the new and improved Active Directory Reports version   One of the first big things we did was we removed Crystal Reports.  We had to do this due to some memory issues with the library.   When users were reporting on large sets of Active Dircetory data the library would redundantly copy this information into it’s own location and this caused a whole boat load of “out of memory” nightmares.   If you are dependent on still using Crystal Reports in our product you can still download the older version ( from our products page.

Now the new version boasts a whole lot of new features that I can’t seem to cover enough.  Here are the basic bullet points.

  • Completely new redesigned User Interface.
  • New report grids with built-in filtering, searching, grouping.  This is very powerful now with drag and drop ease!
  • New application skins.
  • New exporting functionality directly from the grid.
  • Export to CSV, XLS, TXT, HTML, XML, PDF.
  • New Print Preview that includes:
  • Customizing report
  • Exporting to PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TEXT, Image File
  • Sending report by e-mail!
  • Customizable watermark capability in the reports.
  • Custom color.
  • Multiple page preview.
  • Zooming and scaling.
  • Page and Print settings.
  • Save.
  • Search.

Download and Try it Now!

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