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We’ve added a ton of enhancements to this version of Active Directory Reports.  One of our more exciting changes this month has been the addition of a Group By option in the configurable reports.  This option is now included and it allows you to group reports by any selected column.

Download AD Reports Here

Report Changes

  • New Dynamic Filter! With / Without Selected Attributes applicable to Users, Groups, OUs, and Computers.
  • Users With Dial-In Access
  • Users Without Dial-In Access
  • Users With Logon Script
  • Users Without Logon Script
  • Users With User’s Profile
  • Users Without User’s Profile
  • Users With Hidden Mailboxes
  • Users With Home Directory (Share)
  • Users With Network Share
  • Users With Local Share
  • Users Without Home Directory (Share)
  • Users Pwd Required
  • Users Pwd Not Required
  • Users with primary Group ‘Domain Users’
  • Users with any primary group other than ‘Domain Users’
  • Domain Guests
  • Computers with Primary group ‘Domain Computers’
  • Computers with Primary group ‘Domain Controllers’
  • Computers without Primary group ‘Domain Controllers'” or ‘Domain Computers'”
  • Added User’s Home Drive and Home Directory columns / properties

Other Changes

  • Added “Group By” option in Configurable reports that allows to group reports by any selected column
  • Added “Free Trial” menu item if the version is Unregistered
  • Added “Contact Us” menu item
  • Fixed Sorting problem of LDAP Attributes and Membership grids for Users, Groups, OUs, Computers
  • Fixed Tree Node Selection in LDAP Browser
  • Added Profile Path and Logon Script fields to the User Report
  • Fixed displaying report filter in Custom Reports
  • Default limit is 100000 objects
  • Updated Registration and Registration Verification (XML)
  • If we don’t change columns in Show / Hide window, report dos not get refreshed
  • Fixed Selected Object from the grid if sAMAacoountName is not selected
  • when you click on a report with a popup window, that popup window gets displayed
  • Added User principal Name to the General tab in the Name section
  • Added General Info tab for OU
  • Added section separators in detailed information tabs (empty line)
  • Added more data to Security and General tabs
  • Fixed twice click on a Parent node to collapse it

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