New Release

– Fixed scheduler issue compatibility with older report versions
– Fixed LDAP Filter Builder queries “Is blank” and “Is not blank”
– Updated LDAP Filter Builder to support run time date / time data for immediate and scheduled reports:

Is Beyond This Year
Is Later This Year
Is Later This Month
Is Next Week
Is Later This Week
Is Tomorrow
Is Today
Is Yesterday
Is Earlier This Week
Is Last Week
Is Earlier This Month
Is Earlier This Year
Is Prior This Year

New Release

– Required .NET Framework 4.0
– Added Gantt View to the Report Scheduler
– Displaying manager common name instead of distinguished name
– Updated LDAP Filter Builder. LDAP Attributes are selected from the drop down with the context quick find.
– Fixed displaying values of memberOf LDAP Attribute
– Fixed issue exporting reports to CSV with renamed column headers
– Added new and updated existing skins
– Some minor User Interface updates
– Some minor updates and fixes

New Release (December-10-2011)
– Added possibility to rename custom reports
– Added option to reload custom reports only if it selected
– Fixed issue with opening exported file if there is a “.” in a file name
– Fixed issues with exporting “Distinguished Name” attribute from the Scheduler if it is not selected
– Some minor updates and fixes

New Release (September-12-2011)
– Added possibility to load sub-directories for NTFS reports
– Added option to select sub-directory level to load for NTFS reports
– Added new feature to include files by file mask in NTFS folder reports
– Fixed filename error during exporting NTFS reports New Release! (August-23-2011)

– Added domain drop down to the top tool bar
– Added possibility to add new domains
– Added “Send Test E-mail” button to test e-mail settings
– Fixed issue with displaying NTFS panel in Custom reports
– Fixed issue with selecting time in scheduler
– Fixed selecting search root issue (fixed the problem when selected search root was not saved)
– Fixed displaying Create / Modify TimeStamp fields
– Fixed loading NTFS custom reports (NTFS panel was displayed for non-NTFS reports)

NTFS Reports Release ( (July-6th-2011)

Introduced first version of NTFS Reports:
– Folder All Permissions
– Folder Full Control Permissions
– Folder Inherited Permissions Only
– Folder Not Inherited Permissions Only
– Folder All Auditing
– Folder Full Control Auditing
– Folder Inherited Auditing Only
– Folder Not Inherited Auditing Only
– File All Permissions
– File Full Control Permissions
– File Inherited Permissions Only
– File Not Inherited Permissions Only
– File All Auditing
– File Full Control Auditing
– File Inherited Auditing Only
– File Not Inherited Auditing Only

– Added possibility to switch between single-line and multi-line report tabs
– Fixed issue creating filter conditions: “Begins with”, “Ends with” and “Contains” using LDAP Filter Builder
– Fixed column captions in scheduled reports
– Some minor updates and fixes New Release! (May-24-2011)

– Added option to send scheduled reports via E-mail
– Added possibility to save report settings (definitions) to a file and load from file
– Increased maximum size of the logo image
– Added functionality to export Logger information to a text file
– Fixed report “Users who can log on to <Computer Name> Computer”
– Fixed loading and displaying excluded domain controllers
– Some minor updates and fixes