Here at MaxPowerSoft, we’re pleased to announce our new release of version  We’ve added many exciting changes and bug fixes.   2 mentioned here are exporting to CSV instantly with the right-click menu and the inclusion of the much requested Groups-Members report.  The Groups-Members report allows you to run reporting on Groups and the Members contained within each.
– Fixed tree and tab navigation functionality
– Added EmployeeID, EmployeeNumber, EmployeeType attributes to the dynamic attributes report
– Added Users, Groups, OUs, GPO membership
– Configurable report is updated to 20 columns
– Changed default report filter in printed reports from “All <objects>” to “None”
– Added ‘homeDrive’, ‘homeDirectory’ attributes to the list of user dynamic attributes
– Added ‘managedBy’ attribute to the list of group dynamic attributes
– Added ‘gpLink’,’gpOptions’,’managedBy’ attributes to the list of OU dynamic attributes
– Added ‘frsComputerReferenceBL’,’serverReferenceBL’,’managedBy’ attributes to the list of computer dynamic attributes
– Export data to Excel (CSV) from the grid (main report and membership report)
– Fixed current directory registration issue
– Redesigned printed reports, including membership reports x86 x86 x64 (64 bit) x64 (64 bit)

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