Active Directory Reports Professional

How to add a company logo

1. Open Company Logo form:

From the Settings tab select Company Logo

AD Reports Company Logo form

2. Select Show Company Logo in report header check box

This will enable all form controls to add, resize or delete logo image

Show Company Logo in report header

3. Add Logo Image

To add a company logo image click on the Load Logo image file button from the tool bar:

Add logo image
Select an image file and click Open. The selected image will be loaded.

Selected logo image

4. Resize Logo Image

If you want to change the size of the logo image use the sizing bar to icrease or decrease the picture size.

Resize logo image

5. Select Logo position in the report header

You can choose the logo position in the report header:

Logo image header position

6. Preview your report

Preview report with logo image

Export to PDF:
Export report with logo image in PDF format

Export to Excel:

Export report with logo image in Excel format

6. Remove Company Logo from the report header

If you want to stop showing your company logo image in the report header just deselect Show Company Logo in report header check box and click OK button. This will not remove the selected logo image but it will stop showing it in the report header.
If you want to remove the logo image and not to show it any more just click the Remove Selected Logo button from the tool bar

Remove logo image
and click OK button.