Active Directory Reports Professional

How to Schedule Reports

To schedule a report you have to save it first. Please refer to:

How to Save Report

There are two different methods you can use to schedule a report job.

1. From the Report tab

Select saved report from the Report tree and click "Schedule Report" button Click on Scheduler button

In the "New Scheduled Job" window you can select Scheduled Start date and time, enter subject, select report type and e-mail address to e-mail report (e-mail settings must be set). Also you can select different Print settings for the report Click on Scheduler button

After clicking "Save and Close" the report will be scheduled and it will show up in the Scheduler Click on Scheduler button

2. From the Scheduler tab

To open the Scheduler, click on the Scheduler tab.
Click on Scheduler button

Click Schedule New Job button
Click on Scheduler button

In the same "New Scheduled Job" window select report to schedule (from previously saved reports), select or enter report parameters (start date and time, subject, report type, e-mail, print settings) and click Save And Close button Click on Scheduler button

When the scheduled job is created the new icon will be displayed on the scheduler window Click on Scheduler button

The job to generate a report will be executed at the scheduled date and time.