Active Directory Reports License Policy

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We offer an annual subscription based license costing:
1st year: $299.00
renewal: $249.00
(We do have discounts for recurring customers and bulk purchases). Request a discount code

Personal use: A license can be used on all computers owned by the license owner or where the license owner is the primary user.

Professional use: A license is required for each admin user, even when the license owner owns all the computers. A user is allowed to bring his personal license with him to work, should the company allow it, and use that.

All licenses guarantee support for the licensed product as well as immediate turn around on bug fixes. We take our customers requests seriously and if you are a licensed customer your enhancement requests are the highest priority in our work queue. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any requests.

The subscription based model means the product is functional for the allotted license period. If you paid for a 3 year license, then the product will work for 3 years with no limitations before requiring a new license to be purchased. All registered users are able to upgrade their product line at any time without having to pay anything extra.