Report Library

AD Reports provides administrators with comprehensive information about their AD infrastructure and objects. The tool's extensive library offers over 300 predefined reports that cover a wide range of essential data.
These reports include details such as users' real last logon times, active and inactive AD users, group membership (including nested groups and primary group membership), account and password status, computer information, NTFS permissions, recently created, modified, or deleted user accounts, distribution lists, security group members, organizational units, contacts, printers, Exchange data, and GPO reports.

Using the user-friendly GUI interface of AD Reports, generating various important reports is a breeze, eliminating the need for advanced PowerShell scripting skills. With just a few clicks, administrators can effortlessly retrieve the required information and obtain valuable insights.

Each report has the option to be updated, saved as new, and saved for either the current domain or all domains. Additionally, you have the ability to apply custom LDAP filters, exclude specific domain controllers from scanning, export reports to various formats, include group membership information, and schedule the generation of reports on a recurring basis using the scheduler.

For detailed instructions on how to perform these tasks, please refer to our "How-To" section.

AD Reports is equipped with an extensive range of reports including:
Groups Reports
Organizational Units Reports
Group Policy Objects (GPO) Reports
 Exchange Reports
  • General Exchange Reports
  • Contact Exchange Reports
  • Group Exchange Reports
  • Distribution Group Exchange Reports
 NTFS Permission Reports
  • NTFS Folder Permission Reports
  • NTFS File Permission Reports