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Spare yourself from spending hours scripting Active Directory reports. With AD Reports, you gain access to over 300 pre-built reports that cater to your Active Directory audits. Execute intricate Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) auditing reports on your Windows Server Domain installations with just two simple clicks, minimizing time and effort.


Our internal data gathering engine has undergone meticulous fine-tuning and extensive testing to ensure optimal performance, surpassing our competitors. When you try it out, you'll witness firsthand the immediate results it delivers, propelling you ahead while leaving your competitors trailing behind. The refined efficiency and accuracy of our data gathering engine set us apart in the industry, providing you with a distinct advantage in your data analysis and decision-making processes.


AD Reports was designed with a user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use. It enables users to effortlessly update existing reports or create custom reports tailored to their specific needs. With the flexibility to include predefined or any Active Directory LDAP attribute, you can construct reports that precisely capture the desired information. Additionally, AD Reports empowers you to build your own LDAP filter, granting you further control over the data you retrieve.


With AD Reports, you have the flexibility to schedule your reports according to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a one-time report or regular automated updates, the scheduling feature allows you to set reports to run at a specific time or on a continuous basis. You can choose intervals ranging from hours, days, weeks, or even months, ensuring that the reports are generated at the desired frequency.

Domain Controllers

You have the flexibility to choose the specific domain controllers you wish to include in the scanning process with AD Reports. To optimize performance, the tool automatically excludes inaccessible domain controllers from the scan. This feature ensures that only responsive domain controllers are scanned, leading to enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, AD Reports allows you to identify AD Servers within your domain that are not responding effectively, enabling you to pinpoint and address any potential issues promptly.


Load both direct and nested members effortlessly with AD Reports. Gain comprehensive visibility by retrieving the nested group names and primary membership information. Additionally, the tool offers the capability to translate Foreign Security Principals into NT Account names, allowing for seamless integration and understanding of user identities across various security contexts.

Easy Installation

Our product seamlessly functions if you have administrator rights on your computer and can access the domain. There's no need for complicated database setups, concerns about MSMQ issues, or the hassle of configuring web servers. We have developed an internal infrastructure that eliminates the need for external web servers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience for our users.