Active Directory Reports Professional

How to Exclude Domain Controllers from scanning

To run a report that contains not replicated attributes, every domain controller for a given domain should be scanned to provide accurate results. However, there are some situations when you want to exclude certain specific domain controllers from scanning.
Using our Active Directory Reports you can select what domain controllers should be scanned.

On a Forest tab when you select a domain from the domain list, AD Reports loads a list of all available domain controllers for the selected domain. By default, all domain controllers are automatically selected.

Domain Controllers for the selected domain

To exclude any recognized available domain controllers from scanning, simply remove the check mark next to the desired domain controller name in the Domain Controllers list.

If for some reason AD Reports is not able to read a particular domain controller's attributes, it will not be listed in the Domain Controllers list for the current domain. The error message will be displayed in the logger window, indicating that this DC will be automatically excluded from future scanning. This is done to improve performance for the reports with not replicated attributes and to avoid delays and timeouts trying to read data from unreachable domain controllers.

Note: When domain controllers are loaded for the first time from Active Directory, they are also stored in AD Reports local database. All subsequent readings for the same domain will be retrieved from the local database to improve performance. To refresh the Domain Controllers list from Active Directory, press the Reload button.