How to add a company logo

1. Open Company Logo form:

To access the company logo settings, navigate to the main menu and select "Tools", followed by "Settings", and then choose "Company Logo".

AD Report Company Logo window

2. Select Show Company Logo in report header check box

By performing this action, all form controls will be enabled, and a chosen logo will be added to the report header.

AD Report Company Logo settings dialog

3. Add Logo Image

To insert a company logo image, select the "Load Logo image file" button from the toolbar.

AD Report Add Company Logo

Choose a company logo image file from the "Add Logo Image" dialog box, then click the "Open" button. The selected image will be loaded into the "Selected Logo Image" placeholder.

AD Report Company Logo image

The dimensions of the logo image should fall within the range of 0-400 pixels width and 0-100 pixels height. If the image exceeds these dimensions, it will be proportionally resized to fit within the specified limits.

4. Resize Logo Image

If you wish to adjust the size of the logo image, click on the "Resize Image" button located in the toolbar.

AD Report Resize Company Logo

The "Image Resize" dialog box will appear.

AD Report Company Logo proportions

Once you have adjusted the size, click the "OK" button, and the newly resized image will be displayed in the "Selected Logo image" box.

AD Report Company Logo resized

4. Select Logo position in the report header

You have the option to select the position of the logo within the report header.

AD Report Company Logo position

Once you have completed all the desired modifications, click the "OK" button to apply the changes.

5. Preview your report

AD Report Company Logo preview

Export to PDF:

AD Report Company Logo export to pdf

Export to Excel:

AD Report Company Logo export to Excel

6. Remove Company Logo from the report header

To stop displaying the company logo image in the report header, uncheck the Show Company Logo in report header checkbox and click the OK button. This action will hide the logo from the report header, but the selected image will not be removed.

If you wish to completely remove the logo image and no longer display it, simply click the Remove Selected Logo button from the toolbar AD Report Company Logo Delete and click OK button.

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