How to Add Domain to the forest tree and update domain credentials

Add new Domain

When AD Reports starts, it loads all domains and trusted domains associated with the current forest. Subsequently, it constructs a domain tree labeled under the forest name as "Current Forest."

AD Reports Select Add Domain to the tree

As a default setting, the "My Saved Domains" node remains without any content. If you require to use custom credentials to establish a connection with the domain, or if you intend to utilize a specific account for executing scheduled reports within the designated domain, you have the option to add that domain to the domain tree. This action will result in the domain becoming visible under the "My Saved Domains" node.

To add a new domain into the domain tree, select "Add Domain to the tree..." from the Domain menu.

AD Reports Select Add Domain to the tree

Enter Domain name, username, and password accordingly.

AD Reports Select Add Domain to the tree

Ensure the verification of domain bindings by selecting the "Test Binding" button. Upon successful binding, you will see the message "Successfully bound to [domain name]"."

AD Reports Select Add Domain to the tree

Click OK and the new domain will be added to the "My Saved Domains" section of the Domain tree.

AD Reports Select Add Domain to the tree

Update existing Domain Login information

If the login and password of the domain account used for AD Reports changed, we need to update AD Reports with the new account's credentials. This step is necessary to avoid login / password errors and potentially locking account if you have scheduled reports using this account with old username and password.

To modify AD Reports domain login and password details, right-click on a domain from the "My Saved Domains" section and select "Edit selected Domain". Follow the same steps as for adding new domain to enter new credentials and test binding.

After pressing "Save" button, the new login / password information for the selected domain will be updated and all scheduled reports, using this account will be refreshed with new credentials.

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