How to Load Group Members

By default, group reports are loaded without including the members.

AD Reports Group report tab selected

As observed, all the small plus signs are grayed out, indicating that the membership has not been loaded. The Selected Report Setting window also confirms that no membership has been included.

AD Reports Load Membership yes

To load group members, right-click on the report name and choose Customize... from the context menu. Then, within the Report Wizard, navigate to the Membership Settings tab.

Group members Membership Settings

To activate the loading of membership for the selected report, check the Load Group Members checkbox. This will enable the membership settings, which consist of two sections: Select Membership Type, which determines the type of membership to load, and Select AD Attributes, which specifies the attributes to load for the membership.

Group Members select attributes settings

Load direct members only

When this option is selected, only direct group members will be loaded, excluding any nested groups.

Load direct members including nested members

When this option is selected, both direct group members and nested group members will be loaded.

Include nested group names

This option is enabled when the Load direct members including nested members is selected. In addition to nested group members, the names of nested groups will also be loaded.

Include primary membership

If a selected group serves as the primary group for certain members, those members will be loaded for the selected group. For instance, in the properties of the test user within Active Directory Users and Computers, it is evident that "Domain Users" functions as the primary group for this user.

AD Reports selceted object properties

Load Distinguished Names only

When selected, the option loads only the Distinguished Names of the group members.

Select Member Attributes to Load

Enabling this option will activate the Group Members panel, allowing you to choose the desired columns/attributes to load for the members.

AD Reports Group Membership Attributes

Please note that this option may result in slower performance compared to "Load Distinguished Names Only." It requires AD Reports to scan and load additional attributes for every group member in each group included in the current report.

Translate Foreign Security Principals to NT Account

This option improves the readability of names and converts them accordingly.

AD Reports Foreign Security Principals

AD Reports Foreign Security Principals translated

Display number of members for each Group

Enabling this option will show the number of members for each group at the footer of the detailed grid.

AD Reports Group Members number

Click the Save & Exit button to save the report settings for the selected report. If the checkbox for Reload selected report after save & exit is selected, the report will be reloaded with the saved membership settings.

AD Reports membership report loaded

AD Reports selected load membership

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