How to Save and Load Report Settings

Saving Report Settings

If you have multiple system administrators working with Active Directory Reports, there may be instances where you need to use the same report settings across different computers. AD Reports offers a feature that allows you to save report definitions to a binary file, which can then be loaded onto another computer to update the report definitions.

1. To save the settings of a report, simply right-click on the report and choose "Save Report Settings".

AD Reports select Save Report Settings

2. Enter the desired file name for the report definitions file (by default, the file name is the same as the report name).

AD Reports Save Report Settings File dialog

3. Click Save

Loading Report Settings

1. To update a report with saved settings, right-click on the report you wish to modify and select "Load Report Settings".

AD Reports Load Report Settings menu

2. In the "Load Report Settings" dialog window, choose the report whose settings you want to apply to the currently selected report.

AD Reports Load Report Settings file dialog

3. Click Open

4. In the confirmation dialog window, click "Yes" to proceed.

AD Reports Load Report Settings confirmation

5. The new settings will be applied, and the report will be reloaded with the updated configuration.

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