How to Test Scheduler Windows Service

Before launching the Scheduler Windows Service, you can run a test to check if the chosen account has the required permissions to access Active Directory.

To open Scheduler, click on the Scheduler button from the toolbar.

AD Reports Scheduler Service bar

The Scheduler window will be opened.

AD Reports Scheduler Service window

Click Run Scheduler Service button from the Main Menu.

AD Reports Scheduler Service button

The window for the Scheduler Service will appear.

AD Reports Scheduler Service start

Choose an account to initiate the service, then click the "Test Service Account" button.

If the chosen account lacks the necessary permissions to access Active Directory, an error message will appear in the status log window and a "Failed" status will show up under the "Test Service Account" button. You'll either need to grant this account the required permissions or pick a different account.

AD Reports Scheduler Service start

Choose the "Network Service" account this time and give it another try.

AD Reports Scheduler Service start

It worked this time. This feature should assist you in deciding which account to use for initiating the scheduler service, preventing missed reports later on. You can now go ahead and start the service.

How to use Scheduler Windows Service

If you have any inquiries or encounter any difficulties while scheduling reports, please feel free to contact us for assistance Contact us.

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