How to use Scheduler Windows Service

Before launching the Scheduler Windows Service, run a test to ensure the account you've chosen has sufficient permissions to access Active Directory: How to Test Scheduler Windows Service

To utilize the Scheduler as a Windows Service, simply click on the Scheduler button located on the toolbar.

AD Reports Scheduler Service bar

The Scheduler window will be opened.

AD Reports Scheduler Service window

Click Service button.

AD Reports Scheduler Service button

The window for the Scheduler Service will appear.

AD Reports Scheduler Service start

The Scheduler Service begins in a stopped state.
To initiate the Scheduler as a Windows Service, click the Start Service button.
Upon successful startup, the appearance should resemble the following:

AD Reports Scheduler Service stop

The AD Reports Scheduler service should be visible within the list of currently active Services.

AD Reports Scheduler Service running services

The internal scheduler service will be deactivated, allowing all scheduled reports to run independently through a separate AD Reports Scheduler windows service. It is now safe to close the application.

If the background Scheduler Windows Service is in the "Running" state, an indicator will appear in the bottom right corner of the main window for the AD Reports application.

AD Reports Scheduler Service running services

To stop the Scheduler windows service and activate the internal application scheduler service in AD Reports, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Scheduler
  2. Click on the Service button
  3. Click on the Stop Service button
This action will terminate and uninstall the service while enabling the internal application scheduler service. To execute scheduled reports, ensure that the AD Reports application is running.

The service indicator will change to a "Stopped" status.

If you have any inquiries or encounter any difficulties while scheduling reports, please feel free to contact us for assistance Contact us.

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