Active Directory Reports Lite

Active Directory Reports Professional

This version of Active Directory Reports requires a trial sign-up or purchased license.

Why use Active Directory Reports software for your auditing needs?

  • Scheduler as Windows Service...
  • More than 300 of predefined User, Group, OU, Computer, GPO, Contact, Exchange, Printer and NTFS reports
  • Build-in scheduler. Run any number of reports anytime
  • Customize existing or create and save your own custom reports
  • Save report settings for the selected domain or for all domains in the current forest
  • Export reports to PDF, CSV, TXT, XLS, RTF, HTML and other formats.
  • LDAP query builder. Create you own LDAP query and apply it to any report.
  • True information from not replicated attributes including lastLogon, badPasswordTime, badPwdCount, logonCount and whenChanged
  • True locked out User report based on domain lockout policy.
  • True Last Logon information.
  • Ability to exclude domain controllers from scanning. Select only domain controllers you want to scan.
  • AD Reports automatically exclude inaccessible domain controllers from scanning for better performance.
  • Start your search from any container or search the entire domain
  • Group members. Load direct or/and nested members. Include nested group name and primary membership.
  • User membership. Load direct or all security and distribution groups with nested groups including primary group.
  • Translate Foreign Security principals into NT Account name.
  • Current forest and selected domain information
  • Domain security and lockout policy, domain LDAP attributes
  • Detailed information of any selected Active Directory object, including General Information, Security Information, Membership and LDAP attributes.
  • Use predefined or any active directory attributes
  • Customizable Print Preview. Apply your own watermark, create your own headers / footers, send a report via e-mail.
  • Built-in grid grouping, sorting and filtering
  • Many different skins from professional to funny if you want have some fun while you are waiting for your reports :)

Active Directory Reports screen shots

Software Requirements: Windows, .Net Framework 4.5.1
AD Reports can be installed on a domain server or a workstation joined to Active Directory.