Active Directory Reports Professional

How to Load User Membership

By the default, the report is loaded without membership.

report without membership

As you can see all these little plus signs are grayed out and the Selected Report Setting window shows us that we didn't load any membership.

Selected Report Setting

To load user's groups right click on the report name and select Customize.... In the Report Wizard select Membership Settings tab.
AD Reports Membership Settings

Now, to enable loading membership for the selected report check Load User Membership check box. It enables membership settings. There are two setting sections here:
Membership type that we want to load and AD attributes that we want to load for the membership.

AD Reports Membership Settings

Load all groups except primary group

Loads only security and distribution groups for all users of the selected report if they are DIRECT members of those groups. It will NOT load nested membership and it will NOT load primary groups for those users.

Load all security groups including nested group membership

Loada ONLY security groups including nested and primary groups for the users of the selected report. It will NOT load the distribution groups.

Load Distinguished Names only

Loads only Distinguished Names of the groups

Select Membership Attributes to Load

This option will enable Group Membership panel where you can select what columns / attributes you want to load for the membership.

Select Membership Attributes to Load
This option is much slower than Load Distinguished Names only since AD Reports needs to scan and load more attributes for every group in the current report.

Display number of groups for each user

This option will display a number of groups for each user at the footer of every detailed grid:

Display number of groups for each user

Now click the Save & Exit button. Our report settings will be saved for the selected report and if the check box Reload selected report after save & exit is checked, the report will be reloaded with the saved membership settings.

Users with membership

Selected Report Settings

If we extend any user's membership by clicking this little plus button we can see groups that the user is a member of.

Users with memberships

To print preview this report click Print Preview button.

print Preview

Or you can export it directly from the grid by clicking Export... button and select any of the available exporting options.