Active Directory Reports Professional

How to use Scheduler Windows Service

To use Scheduler as Windows Service:

Click Scheduler button on the toolbar.
Click on Scheduler button

This will open the Scheduler window.
Scheduler window

Click Service button.
Scheduler window

The Scheduler Service window will be displayed
Scheduler window

The initial state of the Scheduler Service is Stopped
To run Scheduler as a Windows Service click the Start Service button
If the service started successfully it should look like this:
Scheduler window

And the AD Reports Scheduler service should appear in the list of running Services: Scheduler window

The internal scheduler service will be disabled and all scheduled reports will be running in a separate AD Reports Scheduler windows service independently from the AD Reports application. It is safe now close the application.

To stop the scheduler windows service and to enable the internal application scheduler service start AD Reports, open Scheduler, click Service button, click the Stop Service button.

The service will be stopped and un-installed and the internal application scheduler service will be enabled. Now, to run scheduled reports AD Reports application must be running.
Scheduler window